About Us


Welcome to the Go4Ethnic Marketplace.

Who We Are

Go4Ethnic is a global market place for artisan crafted products in all major categories of Ethnic products, Arts and Handicrafts such as jewellery, home décor products, paintings, sculptures and accessories made from wide medley of raw materials such as cotton, jute, bamboo, wood, marble, stone, cane, grass, brass, copper, paper, glass and leather. Go4ethnic is proud to present a great variety of Handloom and Textile products which showcase the magnificent diversity and colour vibrancy in ethnic apparel together with grace, style, elegance, simplicity and a classic soulful touch of rich cultural heritage from different regions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring Earth’s diversity of artistic creations to everyone in day to day life.

Our Mission

Go4Ethnic provides an online global platform to promote World Ethnic products. Go4Ethnic partners with a large number of skilled, talented artisans and craftspeople from all over the world.
Go4Ethnic strives to connect all artisans, craftspeople and merchants to global audiences and customers.
Our mission is to create a reliable, affordable and user-friendly global marketplace for ethnic products and we believe in continuous innovation to achieve customer satisfaction. We strive to be the acknowledged global leading marketplace by providing success and recognition to our associated partners.

Our Motto

Go4Ethnic at its very core believe in celebrating world art and culture. We are committed to boost welfare of our talented artisans, craftsmen and merchants who partner with us from all over the world. Go4Ethnic has dedicated team making sincere efforts to make our valuable customer’s shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

Go4Ethnic’s Core Values:

  • To empower and nurture artistic creations.
  • To connect artists, artisans to global audiences.
  • Customer centric ecosystem.
  • Continuous innovation to achieve scalable growth and excellence in customer satisfaction.
  • Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Self Responsibility.