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Ceramic Craft

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Are you an art lover? Are you fond of artistic creations that have an aesthetic feel for decorating your living spaces? Then, you are the right shopping space. Go4Ethnic has an exquisite collection of online ceramic art products.

Ceramics art is the most ancient form of art on this planet that not many people know about. The history of ceramics industry is a fascinating one. This form of art dates back to 24,000 B.C. when ceramic figurines both animal and human forms were used for ceremonial purposes. In 14,000 B.C, the first ceramic tiles came into existence in Mesopotamia and India. During 9,000 – 10,000 B.C., the art of pottery making originated. Isn’t it amazing to see how ancient civilizations developed their own crafts which archaeologists today refer to as artefacts? In the ancient world, ceramic crafts had their own purpose and became the most used form of art for creating the daily utility items such as utensils, tiles, tableware, and figurines. The word “ceramics” is derived from Greek word “keramikos” which means pottery. The most traditional ceramics products are made from Clay or a mixture of materials with clay, later these products are shaped and subjected to high temperature. Finally, they are glazed to give shining and protective finish and later handpainted with beautiful designs.

The history of ceramic art has come a long way from ancient civilizations till the modern age. Today, with the advancement of science and technology, ceramic industry has seen major developments in the later half of 19th century. Such an ancient craft form has been marvellously preserved for over thousands of years.

Decorative ceramics bring in trendy and contemporary look to decor accent. The ceramic decor has achieved one of the vital spots in interior designing projects today. Beautifully crafted ceramic wall art plates, ceramic decorative plates, beautifully designed ceramic vases, ceramic figurines, sculptures, ceramic tiles, ceramic garden decor and handcrafted ceramic dinnerware are some of the most chosen purchases by homeowners today.

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Ceramic Craft PRICE LIST

Ceramic Craft Price
Ceramic Plate-Gavigangadhareshwara By Handwork Studio ₹600
Ceramic tiles-Town Hall By Handwork Studio ₹400
Ceramic tiles-Bangalore Palace By Handwork Studio ₹400
Ceramic tiles-Lal Bagh By Handwork Studio ₹400
Ceramic tiles-Vidhana Soudha By Handwork Studio ₹400

Data last updated on 07-03-2021