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Patiala Suits

Salwar Suits

The Salwar kameez or Salwar suit or Shalwar kameez is the famous traditional Indian attire for women and is most popular in the younger generation. The outfit comprises a pair of trousers (salwar) and a tunic (kameez) that is usually paired with a scarf (dupatta).

The traditional salwar kameez too has had many innovations and design changes. The new designers have come up with great variations of the Shalwar kameez. Available in innumerable range from Punjabi suit, Casual Salwar kameez to Churidar Salwar, Afghani style, Pakistani style, Custom Salwar to hot and trendy Indo western suits, designer kameez salwar for women is demanded by women of all ethnicities and age groups.

The Punjabi suit is the traditional dress of women in the Punjab region. It is made up of a kurta or kameez and a salwar. The salwar is wide at the top but fits closely to the legs and is gathered at the ankle. The Punjabi salwar is also cut straight and gathered at the ankles with a loose band reinforced with coarse material. In rural Punjab, the salwar is still called the suthan. A salwar which has its roots in Patiala City of the Northern region of punjab state is the patiyala salwar and a salwar suit with patiyala salwar is known as the patiyala suits . Patiala salwar with lots of pleats is also referred to as Patiala "Shahi" salwar since it was worn by the shahi (royal) people of Patiala city in state of Punjab.

Patiala salwar is very loose and stitched with pleats, therefore it is a most comfortable and durable outfit to wear and a prevalent choice among women. It has a close resemblance to pathani suits. These suits are escalating in prominence in the fashion arena.

Different types of kameez are used along with the patiyala salwars like short kameez, long kameez, and sometimes even t-shirts are also used to give a modern look.

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