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Banarasi Silk

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Banarasi Silk

Banarasi Sarees Online Shopping

Banarasi saree or Benarasi saree is the queen of Indian traditional sarees. These sarees are originated from the holy city Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. From the ancient times, these sarees are ranked among the finest traditional sarees of India. Benarsi sarees are characterized by their heavy look due to its rich embroidery. Women love to wear them only on special occasions like wedding, parties and festivities. Originally these sarees were embellished with threads made from real gold and silver by the royal family. In modern times, this has been replaced by gold and silver-coloured thread, making the sarees affordable for traditional fabric lovers. Depending on the intricacy of design, it may take from 15 days up to six months for the production of this renowned saree type. Banarasi saree manufacturing hubs are mainly concentrated in areas like Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Azamgarh.

For every woman, the love for original Banarasi sarees is eternal. The vast choice of vibrant fabric colors with beautiful intricate designs in gold and silver brocade are spellbinding and simply irresistible choice in Indian woman’s wardrobe collection. Almost every Indian family has a collection of Banarsi sarees. Young woman and ladies imbibe this cultural traditional dressing styles from their mother’s and grand ma’s. There are many variants of Banarsi saris of which Banarsi Silk sarees is the most popular type. Banarasi silk saree is woven from banarasi silk, a fine silk. These sarees are popular all over the world for their fine silk, gold and silver brocade or zari, and embroidery. The zardozi banarasi saree and other thread embroideries will make this saree look quintessential and elegant. The designs of Banarasi sarees are generally inspired from Mughals and are well known for its patterns in motifs, kalga and bell, outer jhallar, borders, figures with details, jal, mina work, metallic visual effects, and compact weaving. The amazing blend of Mughal artistry with extravagant embroidery and fine art of weaving make Benaras sarees a must have collection in your closet. The Banarasi silk sarees are symbolic representation for royalty since these were the traditional choice of the royals for hundreds of years. Heavy work such as golden zari, sequins, beads and buttas add a dash of glamour and shimmer to the saree fabric which makes it one of the most preferred choice for all rich traditional and religious events.

Know The Making of a Banarasi Silk Saree


Banarasi Silk sarees are made from the finest silk in the country. Before digitalization and Ecommerce boom in India, buyers loved to visit the holy city of Varanasi to buy this world famous regional speciality. An ideal Banarasi Sari consists of around 5600 thread wires which are 45-inch wide. The base of the banarasi saree is woven on the power loom. A great deal of teamwork is involved in weaving process of the saree. At least three weavers are involved in the creation of finest saree.

One of them weaves the saree, while the second weaver is at the revolving ring, where bundles are created and the third one aids in border designing process.

At the time of bundling, the process of motif designing starts. In it sketch of design is done on graph paper along with color concepts. Before the selection of final design punch cards are created. Hundreds of perforated cards are required in a single design of a banarasi saree implementation of the design idea. To knit the prepared perforated cards, different threads and colors are used. The knit perforated cards are then paddled in a systematic manner.

Different Designs of Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi saree is a perfect selection for traditional Indian wedding. There is something inherent in the golden threads that make every woman to look very pretty and attractive in it. If you are invited in any function and have no idea what to wear, this sarees is the best option which is perfect for every occasion and admired by everyone. These sarees are, designed in different styles and designs. The following are the few most common ones among them.

1. Jangla Saree

As the name suggest, this design includes intricate jangla patterns in Jangla vegetation motif form that scrolls and spreads across the full length of the sari. Colourful silk threads are used to weave jangla sarees. Luxurious fabric, intricate pattern and unique designs are some of the characteristics which make these sarees heavy and suitable for weddings and festivities. These sarees are the oldest in Banaras brocades.

2. Tanchoi Saree

In this style paisleys or labyrinth are woven by zari. For tanchoi style also colourful silk threads are used. The fild of this saree has a spread of minute paisleys. The end panel has large motifs of multiple paisley forms in which one is growing out of the other. The border is beautified with criss-cross patterns and has miniature paisley creepers. These sarees are too much appropriate for wedding and other ceremonies and widely accepted by all kind of people.

3. Cut Work Saree

These sarees are the less expensive version of Jamdani sarees, they are prepared by cut work technique on plain texture after removing of the floated thread which are not design (Woven) during the weaving process which provide good transparent look. Most popular motifs which are involved in cut work sarees are jasmine, marigold flowers, creepers and leaves.

4. Tissue Sarees

These sarees are woven with the golden zari and therefore also known as golden cloth. This weaving is densely patterned with golden lotuses floating in a glimmering pond and cut work technique is created by a 'drops of water'. Tissue saris are most popular as wedding saris among the affluent. The border and pallu of the sari are patterned with self-woven paisleys.

5. Butidar Sarees

These sarees are the the dark blue silken saris and brocaded with threats of silk, silver and gold. Due to darker shade of gold and lighter of silver, it has been called as Ganga and Jamuna as well, indicating the confluence of these two rivers whose waters are believed to be dark and light receptively. These are highly traditional sarees and motiff of its design are locally popularised such as Reshem Butti, Jhummar Butti, Jhari Butta, Angoor Bail, Patti Butti, Lichhi Butti, Latiffa Butta, Gojar Bail, Luttar Bail, Khulta bail, Baluchar bail, Mehrab bail, Doller butti,Ashraffi Butti, Latiffa Butti, Kalma Butti, Kairy Kalanga Thakka Anchal, Mehrab Anchal, and Baluchar Butta.

6. Jamdani Saree

Jamdani is a technical variety of brocade and considered as a one of the finest product of banrasi loom. In it, silk fabric is brocaded with cotton and rarely with zari threads. The konia or a corner-motif with a floral mango butta was the most attractive design feature of the Jamdani sari. Some of the traditional motifs of Jamdani included genda buti (marigold flower), Chameli (Jas mine), tircha (diagonally striped), panna hazar (Thousand emeralds), pan buti (leaf form), etc.

Different Types and Fabric varieties of Banarasi sarees

Think of a wedding or traditional function, then Banarasi saree should be pops into your mind. It reminds us of all the enjoyable moments we have spent with our family and friends at such gala occasions. We all have been told by our mothers about the importance of having good Banarasi saree in our wardrobe for exactly such occasions but do we actually know about the look of banarasi saree? The fabric affects too much in the look of a banarasi saree. Some of the common fabric varieties of banarasi sarees are:

1. Katan

Katan is a pure silk fabric woven from pure silk threads. The pure silk sarees made from this fabric i.e. katan sarees are produced using power looms, rapid looms and handlooms with beautiful patterns and motifs.

2. Organza (Kora) with Zari and silk

Brocades are most beautiful and richly woven fabric that needs thrusting the pattern thread between the warp. i.e., Weaving of fabric needs warp and weft. Actually silver threads are polished with gold, and these are wound so closely around a silk thread to Zari brocade. If only gold/silver threads are used, the fabric weigh becomes heavy that cannot be used for sarees instead they are used for hanging and furnishing.

3. Banarasi Georgette Sarees Online

Georgette is fine, light weight, open texture fabric usually in a plain weave, that are made from crepe yarns (highly twisted) usually two S twisted and Z twisted yarns are interwoven with both warp and weft. It is widely used in the production of various saries like designer sarees, bollywood sarees, etc. and salwar suits.

4. Shattir

Shattir fabric is used in creating contemporary and exclusive designs of Banarasi sarees.

Buy Banarasi Sarees Online at

f your love is golden thread, then Banarasi sarees are your first choice. And for that you don’t have to go from store to store. Shopping for Banarasi sarees online is too much easier and filled with lots of fun with the wide range of options you have. You can browse Go4Ethnic and go through the range of designs and colors before you choose the one that you want to see yourself in. 

Banarasi silk sarees are all-time classic sarees and captures the top position among the best silk sarees in the country. There was a time when people has to devote a special time and visit to the store to buy this type of sarees, but nowadays one can buy banarasi silk sarees online conveniently. In fact, online shopping means getting wider collection in terms of colors and designs to select. It is an integral part of a wedding saree collection of every woman. They also look great on any festive occasions. You can also grab a combination of net and Banarasi saree as a wedding saree for marriages available on our online store. We also have Banarsi lehanga sarees to meet the demands of fashionable young Indian women. Colors like maroon, red and brown in combination with golden and green will definitely stand out uniquely enhancing your stature. We only offer you completely genuine and original products – buy a Banarasi saree online on today!

Banarasi Silk PRICE LIST

Banarasi Silk Price
Yellow Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1685
Orange Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1701
Blue Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1669
Coral Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1732
Green Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1654
Red Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1779
Beige Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1717
Navy Blue Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1748
Green Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1638
Black Banarasi Silk Zari Work Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1764

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