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Manipuri Sarees

Manipuri Silk Sarees Online Shopping In India At Best Price

Northeast regions (NER) are the easternmost region of India which is very different from the other states both linguistically and culturally. The Textile of this NER is also unique when compared with those woven textiles by the other states because of the flora and fauna,climate,physical setting, population and settlements of the region. Handloom and handicraft are the two most important home and cottage industries in NER. The growth of the handicrafts and textiles is imbued with their philosophy of life and related to socio-religious functions.

About Manipur

Manipur “The Jewelled Land” is one of the seven sisters’ states of NER. The state is blessed with scenic beauty of hills and valleys and also with the heritage of handloom and weaving.It is famous for its special fabrics like moiraingphee, leirum, lasingphee and phanek. Manipur state is spread in an area of 22,356 sq km and surrounded by hills.It is bounded by Myanmar to East, hills of Mizoram to its South, Nagaland to the North andCachar district of Assam on the West. There are more than 30 ethnic groups are Present in Manipur. The name of Manipur has become almost synonymous with the fascinating dances and colourful handloom textiles.

Weaving in Manipur

In Manipur there is a distinct difference between the weaving style of people living in hill tribes and that carried out by people living in the plains. The hill tribes weaving is usually done on the back strap loin loom whereas, frame loom were used by the native of plains.

KhwangIyong (loin loom) is traditional weaving loom in Manipur. From 11th century Pang Iyong (throw shuttle loom) began to be used in Manipur. At that time Chinese silk was mostly traded in Manipur and in the production of silk Meitei women were mainly involved. In 1921, fly shuttle loom was introduced in Manipur. Weaving in Manipur is a time honoured occupation, fine tuned to an art form with its intricate designs. The handloom industry of Manipur plays animportant role in the economy of the state. It provides highest employment to the women along with the agriculture.

In Manipur handloom industry, designs were drawn by the weavers or sometimes copied from printed textiles such as saree, bed sheets, etc.They used cotton to weave Wangkheipheeand muga silk to weave Rani phee (women chaddar).

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The cultural and traditional costumes of NER are popular for their colourful and vibrant attire.Manipuri traditional attire of women differs from occasion to occasion. The main traditional costumes of Manipur includeInnaphi, Phanek, MayekNaibi, KanapPhanek, Lai-Phi, and Chin-Phi.

• Sarees are the quintessential female garment of Manipur.

• Innaphi is a transparent shawl which is worn on the upper part of the body.

• Phanek is like a sarongand worn by Manipuri women. It is hand woven dress and wraparound skirt like dress. Traditionallythey are mostly block colors or striped.

• A special type of Phanek is called MayekNaibi. They are with horizontal stripes.

• KanapPhanek is a traditional cloth which is stitched by Meitai females.

• Lai-Phi is a yellow bordered beautiful white cloth.

• Chin-Phi is a fully embroidered Phanek. It is main traditional costume of Manipuri women worn during several ceremonies.

Shop Manipuri Sarees online in India at Best Price

Manipuri Moirangphee Sarees are the extremely rare to availablesarees which are absolute head turners. These sarees requires a relentless effort of at least three women for 10 continuous days to be completed. They start at INR 5,000 and go up to INR 20,000.In Manipuri sarees, thedesign pattern is a hill tribal design, floral designs, traditional temple design etc.

Manipuri Cotton Sarees Online

Cotton sarees are woven with 100% cotton with 100s. Cotton sareesare mainly woven on throw shuttle looms. In Cotton sarees women’s look elegant. By sarees women can display their femininity in an impressive manner. The traditional designs, patterns and colors of these cloths make every woman to look stunning. Cotton sarees are meant for women with different heights and from all age groups.

Manipuri Silk Sarees Online

Silk sarees are woven with 100% silk (Eri) with 20/22 Denier. Silk saris are mainly woven on both throw and fly shuttle looms. Silk sarees are used as a casual wear as well as to dress up for festive occasions.

Motifs in Manipuri Sarees

The animal or insect motifsand floral motifs are used to weave in earlier days. Animal or insect motifs includes Lindo mayek (snake design) and Shami-lami phi, Lamthangkhut-hat (a snake design), Ningkham Khoi mayek Sangai (a deer design), Wahong (a peacock motif), butterfly, fish design, etc. while floral motifs includes Attar gulab (rose motif), kundo (jasmine), Leihao (champa). But today, mostly modified forms of these motifs are in trend.

Manipuri Handloom Products Online

Now-a-days, Manipuri handloom weaving produces sarees, khudei (lungi), phanek (sarong), phanekmayeknaiba (a colour stripe sarong), Rani phee (chaddar), pheematek (chaddar), Moirangphijanba pheematek (women’s chaddar), scarf, salwar piece, dupattas, stoles, bed sheets, kanghan, and Leirum (a shawl)made with ery silk, which is the only silk made without killing the larva in the cocoon {also known as non-violent silk}.

Preferred Colours in Manipuri Handloom

Today all colours were used in Manipuri weaving along with traditional colour palette. Light colour such aslight brown,light sky blue, light yellow, white, or off white were in trend to make every woman look stunning.

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