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Handloom Sarees

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Handloom Sarees

Buy Handloom Cotton and Silk Sarees Online at Go4Ethnic

In "handloom" a loom is used to weave cloth by hand without using any electricity. In weaving, interlacing of two sets of yarn namely the warp i.e. length and the weft i.e. width is done. The equipment which facilitates this interlacing is the loom. Pit loom, stand loom and frame loom are three types of looms mainly used by handloom weavers. Pit loom is situated on the ground / floor with a pit having two peddles set in the pit for the weaver to operate. This weaving is considered as a better weaving because the woven fabric retains the characteristics of the fibre and fabric due to the proximity to the ground. The created tension is absorbed by the ground which makes the fabric more breathable.

Fall In Love With Handloom Fabric

The handloom fabric is comfortable, soft and durable; which is due to the human handling of the yarn in the weaving process. Because of human handling yarn and the fabric are much less stressed and damaged. The texture of hand woven fabric is different from mill woven fabrics due to its woven speed and also the equipment used for weaving. The breath ability of hand woven fabric is much more as compared to mill made fabric. It means that it allows more air penetration which makes it cooler, softer and more absorbent. It keeps you cooler in summers and warm in winters. This piece of fabric is prepared with special care. It’s weaving is done with threads of fine fabrics and finishing is mind blowing with different designs and patterns.

Handloom Sarees Online in India

One of the widely used handloom fabric is in the form of sarees. Handloom sarees are a textile art of Indian handloom industry which is very traditional in its own. The silk and cotton used for handloom sarees are of good quality to give it a lustrous look and makes them the connoisseur’s choice for their classic aura. The charm and ethereal beauty of handloom sarees cannot be replaced by powerloom sarees. Completion of a single saree takes two to three days of work.

Every state has own speciality in terms of sarees. Different regions of India have their own traditions and design pattern of handloom sarees. The innovative pattern and designs, paintings and embroidery work of various Indian artisans makes each handloom saree a separate level. Beautiful border, graceful textures and appealing colors with finely woven motifs and patterns in the form of temples, peacock, flowers, and tales from the Hindu epics like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the Bhagwat Gita enhance the beauty of these sarees.

Handloom sarees are traditional but contemporary and simple but fashionable. They are the style statement for every fashionistas in India. They are exclusively designed, woven for occasions and reasons. Many of the sarees do even have intrinsic kind of handwork done on them.

Handloom saree is one of the beautiful textile arts of India which is very traditional in heart and spirit. They are the first choice of many women of the upper echelons of the society. Some of the well-known Indian Handloom Sarees are Kanchepuram sarees, Maheshwari sarees, bagh print saree, Chanderi saree, tussar silk, Banarasi sarees, Baluchuri saree, Sambalpuri saree, tant saree, Kantha work saree, bandhani saree, Munga saree, jamdani saree, muslin saree, Garad saree, korial saree, Murshidabad silk saree, etc.

Handloom Production in India

In India handloom production is mostly decentralized in nature and carried out in villages. Handloom products are woven in rural clusters of artisans. This weaving is carried out from the weaver’s home and they operates loom with the help of family. Generally, the pre-loom activities like warping, dyeing, etc. were outsourced by the weaver and attaching the warp, weft winding, sizing & weaving activities were carried out by the weaver. This weaving takes place in many regions of India and supports the livelihood of lakhs of families. The production of handloom sarees plays an important role for the economic development of rural India. Each region has its own traditional patterns with respect to motifs, colours and designs.

Go4Ethnic Collection

If you are a handloom lover, come aboard Our elaborate collection of Handlooms spans the spectrum of elegance. We have myriad shades of Handloom sarees. Handloom sarees are the wardrobe treasures of every woman. Fall in love with the different types of handloom sarees like Chanderi Silk Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Ikat Silk Sarees, Kalamkari Sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees, Bhagalpuri Sarees, offered by Go4Ethnic. Enjoy the feel of Manipur with exquisite collection of Manipuri sarees bring around you by Go4Ethnic. Our collection of Handloom Sarees are cherished for their intricate woven motifs on the fabric and pallu, as well as their striking borders. Log on to right away and buy a beautiful handloom saree or gift a handloom saree to your beloved.

Style Tips for Wearing a Handloom Saree

The moment you wear a handloom saree, it speaks for your dignity and class. It has stamped a long lasting style statement. Whether it is a wedding, family function, musical soiree, a festive gathering or a charity dinner, handloom sarees are the best choice. When you these styling tips you will surely get the attention from everyone in the party:

  1. Wear blouses with interesting necklines and designer sleeves.
  2. Pair your saree with beautiful diamond jewellery or opt for elegant Pearl pieces available at on heavy discounts.
  3. If you are going to attend a casual occasions, go for a cotton handloom saree. Go4Ethnic offers a wide assortment of cotton handloom sarees with beautiful designs and patterns

    at reasonable price.

  4. If you are formal party, then opt for a Handloom silk saree. Check out our unique collection of silk sarees and look gorgeous by opting it.
  5. Carry a beautiful clutch along with you. Go4Ethnic brings you a huge collection of handmade clutches. Browse to get yours.

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Handloom Sarees PRICE LIST

Handloom Sarees Price
Purple Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1701
Green Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1748
Blue Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1685
Grey Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1669
Pink Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1638
Green Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1654
Cream Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1717
Black Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1764
Red Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1779
Navy Blue Zari Work Handloom Silk Saree By Style Lifestyle ₹1732

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