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Lamps and Shades

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Lamps and Shades

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Are you looking to spruce up your home or office space? Well, you are at the right shopping space. Lamp shades are the best way to enliven and adorn your space by adding a new look on your ceiling walls or table tops. Lamp shades are smart and quick ways to decorate your home and offices. The lampshade is essentially the principal decor item that emerges on a light or roof light. In any case, in spite of the fact that it's by and large observed as a beautifying component, its principle object is really to diffuse or divert the light radiated by the knob for most extreme adequacy.

Know The History Behind Origin of Lamp Shades

Curious to know some fascinating facts on how we have evolved on our interior design skills over the years. It all dates back to several hundred years old, to the era when candles and oil lamps were the only means to illuminate spaces and conquer darkness. Let’s travel back in time to understand the humble beginnings of light. Back in 17th century, oil lamps and gas lights were predominately used to lite up the streets and dark pavements. These were often spotted as glass lampshades. The whole idea of using glass lamp shades was to protect light and diffuse it. In 1800’s, homes lamps were lit by Kerosene. The shades were made of glass and were meant for only practical daily use.

Then came the Victorian Era (1837-1901), lamp shades gained aesthetic importance than merely a practical tool. Lamp shades were symbolized for decorative interiors and were mainly crafted from fabric decorated with laces, beads and tassels. Victorian shades were designed to give interiors a feel of elegance and grace. In 1878, it was then the great duo; Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent filament electric lamp that revolutionized the way we live in the modern age today. With the advent of electricity, lamp shades gained more popularity as a decorative accessory. Just then, the tiffany lamps were born. The Tiffany lamps were famous for their inviting and homely appeal. These lamps derived the name from their creator Louis Tiffany. The lamps were created using mosaic and stained glass technique. Tiffany lamps were popular choices for comfort and romance giving rooms the much desired welcoming and homely ambience.

Lamp Shades – Choose from Countless Designs and Styles

The journey of lamp shades from 17th century to the modern age is more enchanting than ever. Today, lamp shades come in myriad designs, styles, patterns, textures, shapes and colors that are apt for your home and mood. The handcrafted artistic styles such as marble lamp shades, wooden lamp shades, decorative lamp shades, antique lamp shades, colored glass lamp shades that are available in various size and shapes make decision making, shopping and interior designing much easier and comfortable. Go4Ethnic offers you a wide collection of traditional, contemporary, modern and trendy lamp shades.

How To Choose A Perfect Lamp Shade, Wall Lights Or Chandelier?

Before you make your purchase, you will need to know what type of lighting effect you are wanting to have for your home or office. Is it the ambient lighting, the accent lighting or task lighting? Ambient lighting is for general illumination around your office or home space that helps you move around the area. Accent lighting is meant to highlight a specific area of your home or office such as foyer area, porch, dining area, specific furniture area, reception area in offices and so forth. This kind of directional light can be provided by chandeliers, wall mount lamps, and wall sconces. Ideally accent lights should be stronger than the ambient lights. Task lights are practical purpose lights that allow you to carry out specific tasks such as reading. The best examples are desk lamps, kitchen ceiling lights, vanity lights in bathroom spaces etc. Layering effect of the task lights bring in overall aesthetic effects. Also, you will need to choose the right size, color and shape of the lampshade, floor lamps, chandelier or wall lights you are looking for, and the material from which it is made. The lamp shade needs to blend well with the ambiance and decor of the room. Choose the right type of lighting accessory for wall lights like bath sconces, wall lamps, and picture lights. If you are looking for Lamps and Shades, make your right choice from numerous styles and designs of table lamps, study lamps, hanging lamps, wall lamps, cluster chandelier, floor lamps, drum shades, chandelier and art shades. Pick the perfect color and style that complements your room decor.

Make your home or office an enchanting, inviting and comfortable space by spicing up your decor with artistic, modern, trendy and contemporary styles of wall lights, lamps and shades at Go4Ethnic. Buy lamp shades online in India from our wide collection and designs. So, whether it is lamp shades for home, lamp shades for wall lights, lamp shades for bedroom or lamp shades hanging, if you are looking to buy lamp shade online, don't forget to check our exclusive collection at Go4Ethnic.

Lamps and Shades PRICE LIST

Lamps and Shades Price
Desi Karigar Wooden and Iron Fancy Wall Hanging Electric Chimney Lamp Color Purple. ₹599
Desi Karigar Electric lamp holder home decor decorative table lamp hanging lantern stand tea light gift item ₹399
Moon-Table lamp - Wood - By Handwork Studio ₹3500
Angled Wall Lamp - Wood - Red,Blue By Handwork Studio ₹2850
Angled Wall Lamp - Wood - Red,Blue By Handwork Studio ₹2850
Giraffe - Wood - Small,Medium - Teak By Handwork Studio ₹1300
Winged Table lamp - Wood - Teak By Handwork Studio ₹3400
Squared Table lamp - Wood - Medium,Large - Mahogany By Handwork Studio ₹4400
Squared Table lamp - Wood - Medium,Large - Teak By Handwork Studio ₹4400
Handicrafts Paradise Marble Cut Work Meena Lantern - MULTICOLOR ₹2100

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