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Carpets & Rugs

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Carpets & Rugs

Handmade Rugs and Carpet Online Store

Handmade Rugs are one of the easiest ways to transform and enliven any space—be it residential or official. Based on its design, rugs and carpets can speak volumes of the personality of the space and the people inhabiting it. Whether you are revamping your den or decorating your newly-bought house, the right rug can dictate the tone of your home at the first glance.

Handmade rugs and carpets are all the more special as they add a charm of their own owing to the exclusivity and the beauty in its imperfections. As exquisite as durable, a handmade rug or a carpet is woven with stories of generational skills of its artisans. Coming to your house straight from the artisans in carpet and rug-making.

Carpet for living room presents the unique way of bringing together all the elements of the room, these can pull together several colours used in your home. Buy carpets and rugs online from many different colours, materials and designs; Go4Ethnic brings the exclusive variety of cotton rugs and designer carpets online in India for the living room space decor.

The right carpet not only adds character but also provides a touch of warmth to your home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living room decor or you need a bedroom carpet to make your space cosier, Go4Ethnic has everything you need, including the best carpet prices. Introducing rugs and living room carpets, bedroom carpet into your space can make a huge improvement. Explore the varied range of hand-tufted floor carpets and rugs to complete the decor of your home.

At Go4Ethnic, you can shop from a range of some of the best rugs for every kind of space, no matter what your aesthetic preferences.

Carpets & Rugs PRICE LIST

Carpets & Rugs Price
Zuri PKWL-32 Natural White by Jaipur Rugs ₹19720
Zuri PKWL-192 Slate Blue by Jaipur Rugs ₹19720
Zuri PKWL-191 French Blue by Jaipur Rugs ₹19720
Zuri PKWL-183 Natural White by Jaipur Rugs ₹19720
Zuri PKWL-16 Natural White by Jaipur Rugs ₹39440
Zahra PKBS-30 Natural White by Jaipur Rugs ₹135480
Zahra PKBS-29 Natural White by Jaipur Rugs ₹100360
Vista PX-1752 Liquorice by Jaipur Rugs ₹2000
Vista PX-1488 White by Jaipur Rugs ₹4320
Vista PX-1488 Tan by Jaipur Rugs ₹6720

Data last updated on 09-05-2021