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Madhubani Paintings

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Madhubani paintings originated from the Mithila region in Indian state of Bihar. Most of these Paintings depict men and his association with mother nature. Madhu literally means “Honey” and Bani means “Forest” and hence the art name literary translates into “Forests of Honey”. These paintings bring alive the rural life by using themes such as mythological deities like Lord Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga, use of natural elements like the Sun (also well-known as the Madhubani Sun), the Moon, sacred plants like tulsi, and artistic depiction of social events. Social events revolve around festivals and weddings, with wedding of Lord Rama and Sita being most popular style in this art form. The main soul of Madhubani art is a beautiful portrayal of love, devotion, valor, and fertility. 

What is so unique about this ancient Indian Madhubani Art?

Madhubani art images are created using natural dyes and colors. The natural colors are derived from natural resources such as seeds, vegetables, plants and other natural elements. The black color is derived from charcoal or soot mixed with cow-dung, yellow from turmeric powder, red comes from flowers and sandalwood, the blue color is derived from indigo, green color from leaves and white color from rice powder. Madhubani artists create paintings with their fingers or by using natural resources such as a bamboo stick, twigs, branches or matchsticks, other tools commonly used for creating paintings are nib-pens and paint brushes. One distinct style of Madhubani art is lack of empty spaces in the paintings. All the empty spaces are filled with illustrations of flowers, plants, or geometric designs. Most prominent illustrations of these paintings are Madhubani art fish, peacock, turtles, birds, elephants and human figures are characteristically drawn with pointed noses and fish-like eyes.

Originally painted on mudwalls and on freshly plastered houses and huts, Madhubani art is now evolved, transformed and incorporated on canvas, paper and fabrics leading to manufacturing of various lifestyle products such as home decor items like lampshades, trays, bookmarks, beautiful prints on Madhubani sarees, shirts, dupattas and Madhubani handbags, bangles and much more. This art form has been appreciated and recognized by art lovers both at national and international level.

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