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Warli Paintings

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Warli Paintings were originated by indigenous Warli tribes from Indian state Maharashtra, who conveyed ancient traditions in Neolithic period around 2500 to 3000 BCE. Warli art has pictorial geometric language shown in form of squares, circles, and triangles on Red Ochre background and painted with white color. The white pigment is made by mixing rice paste with water and gum as a binder. Traditional Warli pictures are painted portraying activities like dancing, fishing, farming, flora and fauna elements. Human and animal figures are painted using triangles. The Warli paintings are characterized by repetitive and symbolic rhythmic patterns of human beings and animals showing scenes from daily life. The paintings have religious and ceremonial significance and are believed to invoke powers of God. Many Warli Paintings represent the Palghat, the marriage god, considered as a sacred element without which marriage does not take place in the tribal community. Warli paintings on paper have become most popular decorative items all over India and abroad.

This form of art from prehistoric age has evolved from mural paintings into modern age lifestyle products such as wall art, fabric prints, Warli prints can be spotted on bags, home decor items, office stationery items and on dress materials. Even today, huge murals of Warli paintings showing ancient tribal art have been proudly displayed at Indian airports and in Hotels that have gained magnetism and popularism of this art form among tourists. Warli paintings are now recognized as the cultural intellectual property of Indian tribal community.

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