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Jewellery Online

Buy Women Jewellery Online in India at best prices

India is known for its traditions, unique culture and much other identification in all over the world. Among them, the important ones include dresses, food, languages and ornaments. Indian ornaments are considered as auspicious for every woman and assumed as the first love of every woman. They are considered as security and prestige in India. Jewellery in India is unique in workmanship and its designs. In regional dance forms of India such as Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, etc. jewellery plays an integral part for costume design and makeup.

Historically, the age of Indian jewellery is same as the age of the country itself. Jewellery is originated around 5000 years ago when the desire to adorn themselves aroused in people. Somebody has truly said, “Jewellery and women both are synonyms of each other”. There is too much versatility in types of jewellery adorned by an Indian woman and its designs. Right from the hair to toe, there vast jewellery designs to highlight the charm and beauty of the Indian women. In designs of jewellery, regional differences can be observed depending on the differences in culture, geography, people and their lifestyle.

Jewellery Styles

Indian jewellery is basically classified into four styles: classic jewellery, contemporary jewellery, fusion jewellery and traditional jewellery. Classic jewellery is the jewellery designs that never go outdated and can be worn by individuals of any age group. They are evergreen jewellery which is always in fashion. Contemporary jewellery is also known as concurrent jewellery. They are the jewellery designs which are currently in trend in the market. It explains the current fashion statements and changes from time to time. Fusion jewellery is the blend of classic and contemporary designs. Modern women prefer to wear this combination in their western as well as Indian outfits. Traditional jewellery includes designs of mango, peacock, etc. In these jewellery designs, generally traditional meenakari, kundan, motifs and pearls are found.

Why Shop for Jewellery Online?

The reason is to make fashion & trendy jewellery easily accessible. When can jewellery shopping so easy-breezy i.e. by sitting at home without going anywhere, why anyone should buy it in such a hassle, right? Hence, we bring all fashion trends, styles and innovative designs of jewellery on one online platform - one you love the most, which is –

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Scientific Reasons Behind Wearing Indian Jewellery

India has its roots deep and very old in the history of science. It’s fascinating to know that there are logical and scientific reasons attached to every ornament worn by Indian women. Each ornament signifies a human body mechanism. The science behind some of the common jewellery adornment are:

Silver Jewellery or Gold Jewellery Online

In a scientific sense, gold reacts well with the body's energy and aura, while silver reacts with the Earth's energy. Therefore silver Jewelry is worn in lower part of body as anklet, toe ring while gold Jewelry is worn in upper part.

Bangles Online

Bangles increase the blood circulation level in women’s body because of the constant friction between bangles. Furthermore, the electricity passing out through the skin of women is again reverted to their own body because of the round-shaped bangles, which does not allow the energy to escape.

Each colour of bangle is a symbol of something. Red bangles symbolize energy, green stands for luck or marriage, blue bangles symbolize wisdom, orange bangles mean success, yellow is for happiness, purple symbolizes independence, white ones mean new beginnings, black ones mean power, gold bangles mean fortune and silver bangles mean strength.

Toe-ring Online

It is also said that the nerves in toes passes through the heart and connected to the uterus. Therefore toe rings are beneficial in the treatment of many gynaecological problems and to regularize menstrual cycle with even intervals. Silver, absorbs the energy from the earth and passes it to the body, thus invigorating the whole body.

Anklets Online

By wearing anklets energy is reverted back in the body and does not waste. Also, silver anklet compensates the electric current produced in the body because of gold and thus keeps positive energy flow in the body.

Waistchains or Kamarbandh Online

It prevents saturation of fat in the waist and thus maintains woman’s figure. Therefore, it is mainly used to control women from getting fatter and to avoid flab in hip and pot belly.

Mangalsutra Online

Mangalsutra controls body pressure levels and regularises blood circulation. Also, the gold wire destroys the distressing vibrations in the universe and black beads absorb all negative vibrations before they reach to the women.

Earrings Online

Earlobes have direct connection to the well-being of an individual. Piercing ear has beneficial effects on the health due to the pressure effect. A nerve passing through the right ear connects with brain, cervical and kidneys. A right amount of pressure on ear keeps kidney and bladder healthy. Also, it is helpful for the treatment of menstrual problems and obesity.

Nose Rings Online

A nerve leading from the left nostril are associated with the female reproductive organs. Therefore piercing the nose near a particular node on the nostril helps in lessening the pain during childbirth and monthly periods in women. Besides, nose piercing controls brain wavelength, it prevents the women from getting hypnotised.

Finger rings Online

The nerve passing through ring finger is evenly spread through brain neuron cells. Recurrent metallic friction is considered beneficial for the person’s health. Similarly, a nerve from the middle finger passes through the brain divider line, so any metallic friction in this finger causes confusion in the brain. Therefore it is recommended that avoid wearing ring in the middle finger. On similar lines, wearing ring in the little finger affects thinking process.

In the science of palmistry, each and every finger is associated with a planet. For instance, Thumb is associated with planet Venus, Index finger with Jupiter, Middle finger is connected to Saturn and Mars, Ring finger is associated with Sun and Little finger with Mercury and Moon. Those who believe in palmistry strongly believe on how planetary positions influence overall health, financial condition and worklife balance. Hence, astrologers suggest to wear specific rings on specific fingers in order to improve the overall outcome.

Waist Key Chain Online

A Chabi Chhalla or waist key chain/key ring at the edge of the pleats in saree helps to keep throat clear of mucus and phlegm, due to acupressure that the hook exerts at the skin contact area thereby assuring to have a clear voice.

Maang Tikka Online

Maang Tika is said to control the heat of our body. The point where it falls on the head is believed to be the Ajna chakra, which in Sanskrit means “to know or perceive”. This chakra signifies the holy union of male and female on a spiritual, physical and emotional level and is represented by two petals.

Armlet Online

It is also known as bajuband, arm ring or armband. The armlets help in the proper blood circulation in your arms and create the right amount of resistance to makes arm comfortable.

Vermillion (Sindoor or KumKum) Online

Vermillion activates pituitary and pineal gland, hence it brings beneficial effect on body and mind of a woman. Vermillion is a mix of traces of mercury, turmeric and lime. It is interesting to know that mercury acts like a catalytic agent which aids to ease stress and keeps the brain active and alert. Mercury also helps in controlling blood pressure and activating libidinal energy.

Bindi Online

It is known that the space between two eyebrows in the third eye position. According to human customary traditions, wearing bindi retains energy of the human body. While meditating, when the latent energy (kundalini) rises from the base of the spine towards the head, then the position of bindi between the eyebrows, known as sixth chakra or agna, is the possible outlet. Bindi not only enhances the beauty of Indian Woman but it also rescinds all the dark and negative energy thus protecting the spiritual aura of Indian Woman.

Go4Ethnic’s Exquisite Jewellery Collection Online

What we offer to our customer…

Whether you are looking for traditional jewellery for your special occasions or the trendy and designer jewellery for parties and events, our jewellery collection is simply awesome and outstanding. Coupled to this, enjoy best deals on other women accessories too, such as handbags, clutches, footwear, jeans, skirts, ethnic wear, gowns and more at Go4Ethnic. Explore our collection now to get all the trendy accessories that suit your style and add a sparkling shine on your personality. offers wide range of Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Gemstone Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Meenakari Jewellery, Navratna Jewellery, Pachchikam Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, Bead Jewellery, Jadau Jewellery, Stone Jewellery, Filigree Jewellery, Tribal Jewellery, South Indian jewellery and other type of adornment for every occasion with unique designs, thus ensuring the most enjoyable and memorable shopping experience. We offer a wide assortment of exclusively designed jewellery in every possible style in all price ranges. Customers prefer to buy jewellery from us because of wide collection and exquisite designs at best prices.

We offer an exclusive range of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, chains, mangalsutra, rings, pendants, nose pins, earrings, armlets or bajuband, anklets or payal, toe rings, maangtika, brooches, waistchains, and others. You can get a versatile list of all jewellery items that would make your look gorgeous.

Go4Ethnic brings you a wonderful collection of exclusive jewellery for every occasion. Whether the requirement is for Bridal Jewellery, Festive Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery, Engagement Jewellery, Sangeet Jewellery, Party Jewellery, Casual Jewellery, and Ceremonial Jewellery or for any other function, you found an exquisite range of jewelleries online here. Buy jewellery online at reasonable prices on Go4Ethnic and get set to look stunning and charming.

Jewellery Online PRICE LIST

Jewellery Online Price
Very Fantastic White Colour Long Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Charming Blue Colour Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Marvellous Blue Colour Long Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Very Beautiful Maroon Colour Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Fancy White Colour Long Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Pleasing Maroon Colour Long Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Beautiful Black Colour Laxmi Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Very Pretty Black Colour Laxmi Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Charming Maroon Laxmi Haram Necklace Set Earring With Maang Tikka By Swarajshop ₹2500
Fantastic Maroon Laxmi Haram Necklace Set Earring With Maang Tikka By Swarajshop ₹2500

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