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Buy Women Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India at Go4Ethnic

Indian women and jewellery share a devoted bond with each other. India’s amazing cultural diversity is enthralled with a plethora of exquisitely crafted jewellery designs and styles such as Meenakari jewellery, Kundan jewellery, Navratna jewellery, Pearl jewellery, Jadau jewellery, Temple jewellery, Filigree jewellery, Thewa jewellery and many more. The art of crafting beautiful ornaments, with such delicacy and acumen, is purely an artistic gift of Indian craftsmen.

Indian jewellery designs are celebrated for their unique, exotic and glamorous appeal. Gold jewellery has been popular and most preferred choice in ancient India and even today, however with fast-changing fashion trends over time; silver, platinum and other metal jewellery have gained popularity among modern age women. Contemporary jewellery, fashion and imitation jewellery has taken the hot spot for casual, every day and party wear.

Choice and selection of jewellery depend on a lot of factors, such as the type of event, colour of outfit, and of course budget. Besides fashion trends, other attributes taken into account during jewellery shopping are the religious impact, traditional and cultural significance.

Different Types of Jewellery Online in India

* Fashion Jewellery Online Shopping

Fashion jewellery has been used as an adornment for many centuries. Fashion essentials and style statements of modern women for every occasion can be fulfilled since fashion jewellery are comfortable, easy to wear, lighter and are of an affordable price range. The most picked choices on various types of occasions are fashion jewellery for birthday parties, anniversary parties, farewell parties, sangeet functions, and wedding receptions.

Moderately-priced fashion jewellery can help you look trendy, stylish and brings the best of your personality suiting the occasion and creates an everlasting impression on others. Fashion lovers and jewellery designers keep up with the ever-changing demand of the customers to maintain pace with changing trends.

* Imitation Jewellery Online

The imitation jewellery is the flawless replicas and retains the appeal of real jewellery. They are inexpensive and best alternatives to precious and semiprecious jewellery. Imitation jewellery designs are crafted using metals like nickel, brass, steel, in certain cases made of gold and silver plated steel and gemstones such as rhinestone or Lucite. Imitation jewellery is all seasonal and hence much in demand since they are ideal picks for any occasion.

* Ethnic Jewellery Online

India is a country of traditions, rituals and customary religious events. Family celebrations and social customary gatherings are an integral part of Indian families. Family celebrations such as engagement party, Sangeet, Marriage, Reception, Baby shower exhibit the social bonding of family and friends.

Talking of such rich Indian cultural traditions, Ethnic jewellery grabs the central attention in Indian women’s wardrobe. If you have got a lot of social and religious functions to attend in the family, you better have a wide variety of different styles and designs of Ethnic jewellery.

We, at Go4Ethnic, have everything you want. Select from our wide range of designs, patterns, colors and flaunt them on your functions for that everlasting impression.

* Costume Jewellery Online Shopping

Costume jewellery is an affordable and based adornment to complement a particular fashionable outfit, costume or garment. Wearing appropriate accessory makes women’s outfit complete. The vast choice of selecting rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in different colours and styles give women enjoyable experience to match jewellery to any outfit in their closet.

Costume jewellery has been around for hundreds of years, but it didn't truly reach its golden era until the early 20th century. One of the biggest contributing factors to the success and popularity of costume jewellery is Bollywood. Women from all social classes wanted to buy replicas of the jewellery worn by actresses. Fashion trends are imbibed and bring a wave of popularity from big screen celebrities. Classic examples of costume jewelry fervour are wearing bold bodacious and statement earrings with pretty outfits, minimalist bracelets with clean delicate designs for a suave look, wearing stacked rings on fingers to bring out bold pastoral style, wearing choker for more comfortable and casual look, a delicate layered necklace for graceful and chic style. Shop from our widest collection of costume jewellery, blend unique jewellery styles for your every outfit.

* Antique Jewellery Online

When Jewellery has been previously owned and was made over 100 years ago from the present year, we call it "antique".  Antique jewels are more in demand in the modern world because of their looks, quality, and workmanship. The best way to recognize Antique Indian jewellery is by its distinct design and lustre. These can be typically categorized by the era to which they belong.  They have a dull and rough look with an old world charm as it has an ancient look.

* Vintage Jewellery Online Shopping

One of a kind antique jewellery that is authentic, eternal and attractive is known as Vintage Jewelry. If you are looking to purchase authentic vintage jewelry, you need to know how to differentiate real vintage from fake imitated vintage designs. One way to clearly distinguish the real from artificial one is based on the era or circa ‘year’. For instance, jewelry during the period of 1935-1940 is known as Retro style jewelry. The journey of vintage jewelry is fascinating and has evolved over the years. Jewelry adornments made during the years 1935-1981 are coined “Vintage jewelry”. If you are a true vintage jewellery lover, always go with the trusted brand. At Go4Ethnic, we will closely coordinate with you to get your desired authentic designs from our trusted merchants. So if you are looking for vintage engagement rings, vintage costume jewellery, vintage ruby necklaces and many more such vintage jewellery online, you are in right spot. Let us help you with your desired choice. If you don’t find any particular variant, drop us an email at and we will coordinate with you.

* Custom Jewellery Online

Custom jewellery is made to order variants based on the designs provided by the customer. This happens particularly in cases where readymade jewellery does not match with the specific design choice of the buyer. Hence, Custom jewellery are signature jewellery pieces that are unique, exotic and one of its kind made by trusted Jewellery designers or brands. In addition to its unique signature look, they are tagged with special price label. At Go4Ethnic, we tie-up with a large number of jewellery designer brands. If you have a particular choice of design and make drop us an email at and we will get in touch with you to help you with your specific requirement. So be it personalized bracelets, customized engraved bracelets, customize your own necklace, custom jewelry pendants, custom jewelry for mom, customized jewelry for him, customized name jewelry and many more, your search ends here. Just contact us and we will provide you with a collection of best quality products with our dedicated customer care services.

* Handcrafted or Handmade Jewellery Online

Handcrafted jewellery is beautifully crafted adornments made by the artisans of India. They are not only pleasurable to wear but are also a treasure to keep. Such artisan jewellery comes in wide variety of designs made from the huge gamut of materials. Find the largest collection of handmade jewelry including metals, stones, feather jewelry, glass jewelry, turquoise, silver crafted, oxidized silver jewelry, oxidized jhumkas, handmade beaded jewelry and pearl jewelry. Handcrafted artisan jewelry is soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without the use of mass-produced manufacturing machinery. An incredible amount of time and skill is required to create a single piece. Handmade jewelry is best characterised for its uniqueness, better quality, and sustainability. Its uniqueness makes it a great green gifts for everyone. Each piece of handmade artisan jewelry is versatile and simple to enhance your beautiful feminine look. Explore a wide range of handcrafted anklets, handcrafted brooches and pins, handcrafted necklace sets, handcrafted rings, handcrafted earrings at Go4Ethnic.

* Inspirational Jewellery

Words are powerhouses of wisdom and inspirational or motivational jewellery offer you spiritual mantras and inspirational sayings to bring positive vibes and positive attitude in you. They are not only meant to gratify fashion trends but hold a special significance to the wearer. They connect you to the religion, values, spiritual awareness, an inspirational message to the world, or make a special gift for a recipient. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and emotionally, spiritually or psychologically pleasing to the heart. Go4Ethnic is a home to beautiful encouraging and consciously made designs of bracelets, rings, necklaces for you to have an everlasting positive charm around you.

* Tribal Jewellery Online

Tribal jewellery is made by tribal artisans using their local materials to create objects of adornment that contain significant cultural meaning for them. Tribal Jewellery pieces are not uniform in shape or exactly symmetrical. The materials used are those which are easily available locally by tribal people, with content and quality varying among the different tribes. Each tribe has its own jewellery pattern which is its traditional craft. Despite modernization, these ornaments have kept its unique traditions and values intact. “Tribal style jewellery” is a most famous trend in the past couple of years. Beaded jewelry, Banjara tribal jewelry, Boho jewelry, Kutch jewelry, ethnic jewelry, copper jewelry, native tribe jewelry, eco-friendly jewelry made of humble natural materials such as feather, claws, wood, golden grass, coconut shell, recycled glass, natural linen or cotton yarn are some of the famous variants of tribal or sustainable jewelry.

* Silver Jewellery Online Shopping

Silver is the second most precious jewellery after gold. Silver jewellery is widely accepted and is a cheaper alternative to gold jewellery. Silver is a highly malleable metal with a brilliant white metallic lustre that can take a high degree of polishing. This has led to its huge popularity in jewellery where it is combined with copper to make it more durable. Shop from our huge collection of sterling silver jewellery online, silver- toned, silver plated rings, silver plated earrings, silver plated bangles, silver plated necklaces, and silver plated anklets from our exquisite collection available in both traditional and contemporary designs.

* Lac or Lakh Jewellery Online

Lac jewellery or lacquer jewellery originally from Indian state Rajasthan has now gained popularity all over India. They are very popular amongst the young women in India because of its exotic and colourful appearance. Lac jewelry exhibits detailing and intricate craftsmanship.  Lac jewellery is available in versatile designs and gives an ethnic and classy look to traditional attire. Some of the major products included in lac jewellery are Lac churi set, lac bangles, lehriya kada, lakh kada, lakh chuda, Bala, Bajuband, Jod, Gajra, Gokhru, Timaniyan, Rakhi, and many more.

* Ivory Jewellery Online Shopping

Ivory jewellery is very much a part of the Indian tradition. It is of light weight and smooth nature. It invokes images of white, intricate carvings, primeval trade and traditions. This makes it an upcoming trend amongst jewellery makers and lovers. Whether it is antique ivory bangles, ivory bracelets or vintage ivory earrings and rings, there is no end to wearing this form of jewellery. Not just this, elephant ivory is also used to make beaded ivory necklaces, anklets, ivory bangles, decorative plaques and much more. Ivory was used for jewellery making even before gold or any other metal came into being. It is harder and durable than wood, even bone. It neither chips nor cracks or breaks and changes very little with time.

At Go4Ethnic, we bring you wide collection of beautifully crafted handpicked jewellery styles for every occasion. We ship our products worldwide to 173 countries and have growing family of happy customers. Retailers and boutique owners can contact us for bulk enquiries at . Enjoy hassle-free shopping at Go4Ethnic, we take care of all your shopping needs.

Jewellery Category PRICE LIST

Jewellery Category Price
Very Fantastic White Colour Long Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Charming Blue Colour Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Marvellous Blue Colour Long Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Very Beautiful Maroon Colour Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Fancy White Colour Long Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Pleasing Maroon Colour Long Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Beautiful Black Colour Laxmi Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Very Pretty Black Colour Laxmi Haram Necklace Set With Earring By Swarajshop ₹2500
Charming Maroon Laxmi Haram Necklace Set Earring With Maang Tikka By Swarajshop ₹2500
Fantastic Maroon Laxmi Haram Necklace Set Earring With Maang Tikka By Swarajshop ₹2500

Data last updated on 30-11-2020