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Imitation Jewellery

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Imitation Jewellery

Buy Imitation jewellery Online in India

Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of body adornment known to mankind. The age-old tradition of wearing jewellery from the primitive times was primarily a symbol of protective powers along with religious affiliations. The history of jewellery is fascinating indeed, it would be right to say Indian jewellery is as old as our Indian civilization.

Jewellery and Indian women share a deep rooted connection with immense traditional values and spiritual significance. Indian jewellery can be broadly classified into Precious jewellery, Semi-precious jewellery and Imitation or Artificial jewellery. Jewellery of any kind never fails to charm woman around the globe. The imitation jewellery is the flawless replicas and retains the appeal of real pieces of jewellery. Imitation jewellery refers to the affordable versions of the real pieces that use valuable metals and gemstones. These are made up of inexpensive metals like nickel, brass, steel or gold and silver plated steel and gemstones such as rhinestone or lucite. Imitation jewellery are designed to be worn in any celebrative occasions.

Despite the big difference in pricing, it is amazing to see how online artificial jewellery has become an alternative option for precious jewellery exhibiting the same level of elegant, gorgeous and breath-taking designs on the market today. The dangling appeal and the fancy reception of bystanders and admirers to imitation jewellery are at the same magnitude as the adoration provided and paid to real and genuine expensive jewellery. Especially in India, artificial jewellery is considered as elegant as precious jewellery due to influence from Bollywood and Silver Screen (Television).

It is clearly evident on how imitation jewellery is gaining popularity over precious jewellery day by day primarily due to safety, security, affordability, a variety of choices and long lasting reasons. If you are looking for stylish fascinating designs of necklace sets, earrings, finger rings, bracelets, anklets, pendants, waistbelts, bajubandh and maangtikkas online at best prices, then you are the right shopping place. Shopping jewellery sets online are now much more feasible and convenient option. At Go4Ethnic, we bring to you diverse collection of imitation jewellery designs and styles for every occasion from renowned designer jewellery brands at competitive prices.

We, have the latest collection of traditional imitation jewellery such as artificial Kundan jewellery, Meenakari jewellery, Temple jewellery, Designer custom jewellery, Navratna jewellery, Pachchikam jewellery, Tribal jewellery, Ivory jewellery, so why wait? Upsurge your jewellery collection by browsing through our exquisite collection. We also take fashion jewellery wholesale or bulk orders, if you want to look at our artificial jewellery designs catalogue do contact us.

Go4Ethnic offers fast and hassle free shipping to countries worldwide. You do not need to worry for the products of your choice since we take utmost care to make sure you get the best for your online purchase.

Imitation Jewellery PRICE LIST

Imitation Jewellery Price
Laxmi Coin Golden Bangle Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹349
Antic Copper Color 16 Bangles Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹349
Sky Blue Tilak Stone Necklace Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹399
Maroon Tilak Stone Necklace Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹399
Dark Pink Tilak Minakari Pearl Necklace Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹399
Dark Pink Heart Minakari Pearl Stone Necklace Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹399
Maroon And Green Tilak Pearl Leaf Necklace Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹410
Maroon Pearl Stone Tilak Polki Necklace Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹399
Maroon And Green Tilak Pearl Polki Earrings By Shree Mauli Creation ₹349
Purple And Green Tilak Pearl Polki Earrings By Shree Mauli Creation ₹349

Data last updated on 02-03-2021