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Bangles Online

Buy Designer and Artificial Bangles and Bracelets Online India

Bangles are an integral adornment jewellery of Solah Shringar for women in the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most fascinating ornaments that Indian women wear during festivals, parties, wedding ceremonies, religious events and even in their daily life. India is a country of strong spiritual traditions and mystical beliefs, where each and every jewellery item has mystic significance attached to it. For instance, according to Hindu tradition, newly married brides or married women wear banglescustomarily as it is considered sacred and auspicious and a symbolic gesture connecting this adornment to husband's long life, good health and prosperity.

Bangles are circular in shape, with some intricate designs and studded with diamonds, other precious and semi-precious gems and pearls. Women can wear bangle as a pair or single while men can wear it as a single hand adornment popularly known as Kada.

According to Indian mythology, different colours of bangles signify different things. Yellow bangles depict color of happiness, Red bangles are symbol of prosperity and energy, White bangles for new beginnings, Green bangles denotes good luck and fertility, and Orange bangles symbolize success. Gold bangles are meant for fortune and prosperity while Silver bangles signify strength.

As you travel India, from North to South and from East to West, you will see the blend in mixture of colour, pattern, design and style of bangles due to vast regional diversity. In the southern part of India, gold is considered as an auspicious metal and hence gold jewellery is most popular type of jewellery in the South. In Bengal, a red coral bangle and a conch shell bangle is considered auspicious, locally known as shakha and pola. In Rajasthan, Lac bangles are important and known as lac chooda. In Gujarat and Punjab, ivory and red bangles called chooda are preferred. In Maharashtra, green glass bangles in odd numbers along with solid gold bangles called patlya and carved kadas called tode are considered auspicious.

Due to large regional diversity, Bangles are called by different names in different parts of India. It is called Chudi/Choodi in North India, Kada or Kara in Punjab, Chura in Nepal, Vala in Kerala, Bangadi in Maharashtra, Gajina Bale in Karnataka, Kangan in Hindi, Valayal in Tamilnadu etc.

Choose from different types and varieties of bangle designs online

Gold Bangles

Based on the current fashion and market trends, Jewellery designers experiment new designs and introduce new stylish and trendy collection from time to time. Renowned Jewellery brands make their unique signature designs that can be matched with Ethnic as well as Western outfits. The gold bangles are studded with precious stones or diamonds. Indian women mainly prefer gold bangles as it symbolizes prosperity and luck.

Gold bangles can be worn on any outfit be it casual wear, party wear, office wear and ofcourse traditional ethnic wear. Now, there is a popular trendy for gold plated bangles, and you can choose from varied collection of red gold and white gold bangles. An alternative to gold bangles, growing popularity of platinum bangles and delicate 18k diamond bangles are the hot favourite picks for their timeless designs during the wedding season.

Silver Bangles

We would all agree that bangles beautifies the ethnic look of a woman. Any traditional attire is incomplete without this adornment. As elegant and graceful as a lady, every product on Go4Ethnic will leave you mesmerized enforcing you to increase your existing bangle collection. Silver bangles are one of them. Silver bangles can be matched with light coloured outfits and any ethnic dress embroidered with silver zari. They can also be paired with many silk fabric outfits. Silver jewellery particular silver bangles go well with Indo western outfits to give the modern trendy look. When paired with beautiful heavy silver choker or necklace, the outfit would look stunning with a dash of fashionable trendy indigo outfits such as Kurti with flared skirt, indigo kurta on jeans, or indigo angrakha kurti with sleek leggings. Silver bangles add an extra charm to your ethnic attire and fits well for both ethnic and indo-western look.

Designer Bangles

The most attractive artificial bangles with simple to intricate designs in the fashion world are designer bangles. Women are very specific about the jewellery they wear. Go4Ethnic offers an assortment of designer bangles which can be paired with traditional wear or western outfits. Spruce up your jewellery collection with some designer bracelets and bangles, and convert your look to even more elegant than normal. If you are looking for artificial bangles online or fancy bangles online, you know you are at the right place.

Metal Bangles

Metal Bangles are usually fashion bangles. These bangles are available in not only gold and silver in colour but also in a number of other colours which cater to both young and working women as well as housewives. They range from simple bands for everyday use to elaborate and chunky bangles designs. These fancy bangles not only make you look fashionista but also, add the much-needed oomph factor in your day to day attire. Uplift the beauty of your wrists to much higher level by opting for bangles or bracelets. At Go4Ethnic, we offer a wide range of intricately designed bangles that cater to all kinds of tastes and occasions.

Thread bangles

Contrasting and complementing different accessories is a new fashion funda. Among them, thread bangles are one of the most popular accessories all over the market today. They are the combination of traditional chunky bangles and modern accessory trends. These bangles are normally embellished with pearls, semi-precious stones, mirrors, beads etc. Currently, even craft lovers can make their own thread bangles at home. Their making is very easy and can be worn with almost any attire. It is the first choice of every person who loves to be whimsical, stylish and trendy.

Traditional bangles

One of the most popular styles in Indian attire are traditional bangles. We can coin them as heirloom products since they are passed from one generation to next. Traditional bangle styles such as Kundan bangles, Meenakari bangles, Polki bangles, Thewa bangles, Pearl bangles are a must have piece of jewellery to complete every woman’s ethnic wardrobe. Complement your outfit with the impressive range of traditional bangles collection brought to you by Go4Ethnic.

Fashion tips on what to consider while wearing bangles:

Young women or old, working or non-working, every lady loves to wear this piece of jewellery.

  • Different Types and Shapes of Bangles: You will find diverse collection of different types and shapes of bangles based on regional diversity. Based on the occasion or event, you need to select the type of bangle that will match with your outfit or attire. A lot depends on the colour and type of outfit. For example, for bridal outfits, bridal kadas or bridal bangles would be the best fit. In case of office wear, sleek delicate bangles would go for any outfit. For parties and ceremonies, designer bangles would be the best fit. You can also select shape of bangle based on fabric pattern of your outfit. Let’s say, for a kurti with geometric design, square or triangular bangles would go well to give a trendy look. For religious functions, circular bangles are the best choice.

  • In Single or in Multiples: At different times and at different occasions, you would choose your jewellery that best fits with you attire. Say for example, in case of formal western wear, wearing a single bangle with delicate design preferably in gold, copperish or silver colour would complement the look, however on the other side, if you were to attend a wedding ceremony wearing designer saree, you would prefer wearing at least two bangles or in multiples of two.

  • Occasion: Now, all ladies would agree that not all types and designs of bangles go in all occasions with an exception to precious gold bangles. Designer bangles fit well for parties, functions and religious occasions. Simple solid or multicolor glass, thread or metal bangles are ideal choices for daily or casual wear.

  • Fusion up: One of the best ways to experiment with the current fashion trend for the peppy and attractive look is to wear bangles with an assortment of vibrant colors, patterns and designs that match well with your attire fabric and style keeping in mind the basic colours that you must include in your bangle set.

  • Style:  One of the most important part of dressing up is how you choose to show your style. Do not overdo any fashion. It just ends up in a cheesy way. Rather, make your selection of jewellery in a wise way that not only complements your attire but brings out your personality in a radiant and elegant way. A classic misfit example would be of wearing a heavy multiset designer bangles in an office boarding meeting. Another complete mismatch what so ever, of wearing heavy precious jewellery in a hospital environment. That would be a big blunder that you all would want to avoid. On the other hand, light weight jewellery with simple and elegant bangle designs would be the best match for office wear collection. So based on the event, you need to wisely choose what jewellery will best fit with your mood and occasion to grace your personality in a subtle, humble, bubbly, formal, charming or elegant way to create a lasting impression on any occasion.

  • Match up with your wrist watch: It’s very important to consider that all your dressing accessories should complement your attire and jewellery else your overall look would fall apart. Having said that, it would be ideal to pair your metal wristwatch with precious or semi-precious or artificial metal bangles and your fancy or digital watches with delicate and sober bangles. For instance, wearing a pearl bangle with a sports watch would be a complete mismatch. Hence, choose all your dressing accessories wisely for that wow look!

At Go4Ethnic, we bring to you, diverse and versatile collection of bangles online based on different types, patterns and shapes ideal for every occasion. Customers today prefer to buy bangles online due to feasibility of accessing wide array of designs, colors and patterns at best prices. If you are looking for bangle designs in gold, bangles and bracelets, or fancy bangles then you have come at right shopping place. We, at Go4Ethnic will make your online shopping experience more enjoyable and we ship our products world-wide to 177 countries. If you have any bulk enquiries, please write to us at .

Bangles Online PRICE LIST

Bangles Online Price
Laxmi Coin Golden Bangle Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹349
Antic Copper Color 16 Bangles Set By Shree Mauli Creation ₹349
Golden Jali Bangles With Flower Polki By Shree Mauli Creation ₹410
Pearl Golden Bangles Set Of 4 By Shree Mauli Creation ₹410
Soni Art Wedding Wear Peacock Bangles (0256) ₹649
Soni Art Sone Pe Suhaga Bridal Bangles (0227) ₹799
Soni Art Creative Designer Party Wear Bangles(0226) ₹499
Soni Art Jewellery Traditional Party Wear Bangles(0225) ₹499
Soni Art Traditional Studded Jewellery Bangles (0224) ₹355
Soni Art Jewellery Gold Plated Bangles (0223) ₹449

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