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Bracelets Online

Buy Fancy, Charm and Artificial Bracelets For Women Online in India

If you are a social bee, buzzing to attend too many functions, parties or events then one key agenda on your list would be dressing up with a new look and style, selection of your outfit and add a little dazzling glam with the best fitting accessories. Selection of accessories for your social events is surely a daunting task. Well, one such jewellery article that you simply cannot overlook in your wardrobe is bracelets. So, why worry when you can choose from huge number of bracelet designs out there. The term bracelet is derived from the Latin word “bracchiale” which means “of the arm.” Bracelet is a fashion accessory which is loved by both man and woman all across the globe. It is one such adornment that defines the style statement. In market today, there is an everlasting demand for bracelets for women, bracelets for men, bracelets for girlfriend, bracelets for boyfriend, bracelets for girls, bracelets for boys and bracelets for kids. Bracelets are one such jewelry piece that are very popular across all age groups. Gold bracelets for man and woman are the most famed variant all across the globe.

Classification of Bracelets as Wrist Adornments

In this new era, fashion lovers pay a lot of attention and detail to accessories and adornments from head to toe. Today, personal accessories speak a lot about owner’s taste, style and demeanour. Bracelets are not only worn as fashion accessories but also as an amulet, talisman or as personal identification tags. They can be broadly classified into flexible and non-articulated ones of which flexible bracelets are most favoured bracelets as they are versatile and easy to wear. Flexible bracelets can be broadly classified into chain bracelets, charm bracelets, link bracelets, bangle bracelets, harem bracelets, cuff bracelets, snake bracelets, open bracelets, tennis bracelets and palm bracelets.

Bracelets are ideal accessories for gifting purpose. You can choose a perfect anniversary, birthday gift from whole range of various bracelets styles and designs. Fancy bracelets, gold bracelets, silver bracelets, platinum bracelets, diamond bracelets, gemstone bracelets and hand bracelets with rings are some that are preferred choices for gifting purpose. Bracelets are one such adornment that can be flaunted on various occasions including weddings, parties, evening wear, work wear and everyday wear, they are well fitted accessory articles for all types of outfits. The collection of bracelets on Go4Ethnic captures both contemporary and evergreen trends. Each bracelet design is unique and fulfils the refined tastes of the modern woman. Go4Ethnic provides a hassle-free online shopping experience, multiple and secured online payment options for its customer’s world-wide.

Bangles Online and Bracelets Online in India

Bracelets and bangles are generally used interchangeably, but both are very different. Bangles are round, stiff and hanged loosely around the wrist. Unlike bracelets, they can be worn in pairs or in many pieces for the jingling and colourful effect. While bracelets give more comfort and choice to adjust according to the size of your wrist. Bracelets usually consist of a hinge or lock system for closure and are designed with threads, beads, gemstones, trinkets, pearls etc. Leather and charm bracelets are famous picks among men.

When it’s all about the jewellery there are huge number of patterns and designs in bracelets that are available in different sizes and shapes. You can select your choice from our handpicked collection and add more charm and grace to your personal styling.

Bracelets Online PRICE LIST

Bracelets Online Price
Dolly Jewels Leather Bracelet For Daily Wear ₹333
Dolly Jewels Red Colour Star Design New leather bracelet Charms Friendship ₹430
Dolly Jewels New Fancy Skull Design Leather Mens Bracelet ₹466
Dolly Jewels Skull Design Genuine Leather Mens Bracelet ₹366
Dolly Jewels Dazzling Multi Color Bracelet for Girls ₹320
Dolly Jewels Pretty Design Bracelet ₹433
Dolly Jewels Gold Colour Bracelet ₹422
Dolly Jewels Antique Brown Colour Leather Bracelet ₹411
Dolly Jewels Fashion Mens Platinum Plating Bracelet ₹498
Dolly Jewels New Fashion Mens Punk Stylish Skull Bracelet Personality Style Bracelet Charm Bracelet ₹466

Data last updated on 20-01-2021