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Mangalsutra or “mangalsutram” evolved from a Sanskrit term ‘mangal’ means prosperous, blessed, happy, and successful and ‘sutram’ meaning cord. Mangalasutram is considered as an auspicious thread in Hindu religion which is knotted around the bride's neck by groom on the day of wedding. It consists of a gold pendant and a few black beads on a thread smeared with turmeric. Ideally, a mangalsutra is made of 108 (an auspicious number) fine twisted cotton threads which are dyed in yellow color by saffron or turmeric. On the thread, a gold thali is threaded in the center. This traditional piece of jewellery will probably find an equivalent in the modern day wedding ring – tradition borrowed from the West.

In Hindu tradition, mangalsutra signifies a bond of union between God Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Basically, it’s an inseparable bond between the husband and the wife. It is called by different names in different regions of India. Mangalsutra – in Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi and north region of India, Thaali and Mangalyasutra – in kannada, and Maangalyamu, Mangalasutramu or Pustelu – in Telugu.

Mangalsutra Online Shopping at Best Price in India

Traditional Bond Gets A Modern Twist!!

As per the Hindu tradition, women wear Mangalsutra for their husband’s long life. With changing time, this traditional symbol is undergone a noticeable change and many new modern, innovative and trendy designs are evolved which are suitable for office or casual wear or non-traditional clothes such as jeans, dresses, and skirts as well. These designs satisfy the lifestyle and personality of married women in the cities who have a professional career.

In the current era, the traditional classic gold pendant, had two circular discs in gold is replaced by diamond pendant in different shapes and pattern. The traditional black beads are continued but their count changes from large to few in a gold chain or in a pendant. Another trend is mangalsutra comes with matching earrings which helps the women to follow the traditions without compromising with their styles.

Buy Diamond Mangalsutra Online

In the modern professional world, the trend of using diamond mangalsutra is very popular. These mangalsutras provides a very professional and high profile look and thus used by the majority of people in offices, social gatherings, cocktail parties and occasions.

Buy Gold Mangalsutra Online

Gold mangalsutras are the preferred choice of women’s of every age group since it is very to maintain plain gold Mangalsutra. Go4Ethnic provide unique designs in Gold Mangalsutra that not only enhance the outfit but also fit with the wearer’s style quotient. Depending on the occasion, our designs vary from heavy Mangalsutra to simple and elegant ones. You can pick and choose your favorite one from our infinite options till you find one that fits your style and matches your personality. Each option adds a glittering effect on your outfit and adds a much needed oomph to it without going overboard.

Shop Different Mangalsutra Designs Online in India

In this modern forwarded world, when everything is available on a single click, mangalsutra – an intimate ornament is also available online in variety of designs and patterns. Online mangalsutra designs ranges from simpler ones to heavier ones. They may be floral, kite, geometric, clustered and stone encrusted, zig zags, chokers and the layered patterns. Some mangalsutrams are with beautiful heavy or light and designer pendants while some are without pendants. Ladies prefers simple and light mangalsutras for daily wear, while the heavy patterned for occasions.

Go4ethnic Collection

In this tech-friendly and tech-driven environment, majority of people loved to buy mangalsutras online. To fulfill this requirement Go4Ethnic offers a wide variety of mangalsutras in traditional and contemporary designs. We also offer mangalsutras with matching earrings. A beautiful collection of mangalsutras with unique and designer pendants are available on We offers an exclusive designs and patterns of gold mangalsutras online and diamond mangalsutras online for both regular and occasional wear in pocket friendly prices.