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Pashmina Shawls

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Pashmina Shawls

Buy Best Pashmina Shawls Online in India at Best Price

Pashmina refers to a type of cashmere fine wool. The name Pashmina originate from the Persian word “Pashm” meaning a weavable fiber precisely wool. Iranians gave the fabric its name, ‘Pashmina’, these Iranians came to Kashmir via the Ladakh route. This wool is extracted from ladakh or changthangi or pashmina special goat “Capra hircus”, a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitude of 12000 to 14000 ft of the Himalayasin Pakistan, Nepal and Northern India.Pure Pashmina is expensive as compared to mixed Pashmina with wool is less expensive.

Pashmina is an icon of luxury and elegance. When it comes to the winter outfits Pashmina is the love and desire of every women all around the world. “To wear Pashmina” is the synonym of “to feel the royalty”. The worth and excellence that a Pashmina Shawl beholds can only be explained by the person who feels it atleast once. The softness and warmth of these shawls is simply uncomparable.

Best Pashmina Shawls Online In India

In India Pashmina is worn as a traditional wear for centuries. In the earlier times, it was worn by kings and queens only and thus it is a symbol of royalty. In Kashmir the weaving art of Pashmina has been passed on from generations to generations as a legacy. A good Pashmina shawl requires an expert hand for spinning, weaving and creating embroidery. These shawls are treasured for their expensive material and reminiscent designs since time immemorial.Go4Ethnic offers a luxury and royal fabric along with the true depiction of Luxury Fashion. Browse and shop our exclusive pashmina collection of elegant items available at pocket-friendly prices. This winter add a much more grace to your ethnic outfit and look your best with our eye catchy pashmina products. Shawls are easy to wear and widely acceptable pashminaproduct whichanyone caneasily wearalong with ethnic outfits. Explore our other pashmina itemslike pashmina wraps, pashmina stoles and pashmina jackets at a reasonable price range. Enjoy cold winds this winter by keeping yourself warm through our winter collection.

Buy Pashmina Products Online In India

Wearing a Pashmina is just like wearing a luxury. Having aPashmina itemisbecomes a status symbol in itself. Although Pashmina products are too much expensive but atleast a pashmina variant is considered as a must have item in the winter wardrobe. They are an evergreen fashion accessory which can never lose its charm and looks gorgeous in every style.

Pashmina is so fine in nature and thus cannot be spun by machines. Therefore it is always hand-woven into various pashmina items. A Pashmina wrap, pashmina stole, pashmina scarf, Pashmina shawl, pashmina jacket, pashmina coat and almost every woolen item is available in pashmina fabric. In all occasion, festivals, parties or just in your workplace, a pashmina shawl is the best way to enhance your glamour and stand out from the crowd.

Buy Pure Pashmina Shawls Online

Pashmina shawls are the top quality shawls and crafted from very fine silk like fiber. The identity of pure pashmina shawlisits warmth and also its color to some extent. The best of pure Pashmina shawls have a natural cream color. Its price ranges from Rs. 7000-12000 or more depending upon the variety of colors and designs, therefore limited to the upper class society. If you would like to buy pure Pashmina shawl, hand embroidered shawls and handmade shawls online, Go4Ethnic is the best stop for all your needs. We offer the finest and best quality shawls directly from the artisans and craftsmen of the Kashmir. Every piece we sell unique and artistic in itself showing the amazing craftsmanship of Kashmir.

Generations of women’s in India have been firmly relying on the warmth and elegance of winter shawls during winters. Explore our collection of pashmina shawls in various options regarding colours, material, price range and much more. Just wrapping yourself with these shawls will protect you from the harshness of the winter season.

Go4Ethnic Collection

Pashmina shawls are the beautiful creation in beautiful valley of Kashmir. The beauty of Kashmir and Pashmina shawls are complimentary of each other. Pashmina is an exclusive art of this paradise on Earth.Go4Ethnic offers a fusion of Hand Weaving with pashmina through inspiring new looks. Pashmina items sold at Go4Ethnic are of Pure in nature, which is made by Hand Weaving through Traditional Wooden Looms. We bring various patterns like Stripes, Checks or Squares along with Hand embroidery. We offer various Handmade Pashminas embellished with Chantilly lace or have a Swarovski crystal which is a nice fusion of Luxury Fabric with Fashion elements. So ladies, put aside your old woolen items and buy an exclusive Pashmina products online in this winter! As for the men, now you know what could be the best gift for your lady!

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Pashmina Shawls PRICE LIST

Pashmina Shawls Price
Carrot pink Semi pashmina Shawl Enriched With Ethnic Tilla Embroidery With Running border by Kashmirvilla ₹5249
Abondon Maroon Semi Pashmina Shawl Enriched With Ethnic Tilla Embroidery With four sided Border by Kashmirvilla ₹5249
Black Colour Semi Pashmina Shawl Enriched With Ethnic Tilla Embroidery With Running Border by Kashmirvilla ₹5249
White Colour Semi Pashmina Shawl Enriched With EthnicTilla Embroidery With Four sided Running Border by Kashmirvilla ₹5249
Maroon Colour Shawl With SemiPashmina Base And Beautiful AllOver Jaal Express Elegance And Style by Kashmirvilla ₹6695
Brown Colour Shawl With SemiPashmina Base And Rich AllOver Jaal Express Elegance And Style by Kashmirvilla ₹6695
With The Base Of Semi Pashmina This Maroon Colour Kashida Shawl With OverAll Jaal Is A Perfect Wrap by Kashmirvilla ₹3059
OffWhite Colour Self Printed Pashmina Shawl With Beautiful Kani Multicolour Broad Border by Kashmirvilla ₹6899
Beige colour Base Of Pashmina This wonderful Kani Shawl With Multicolour Jaal Is Priceless by Kashmirvilla ₹15554
With The gray colour Base Of Pashmina This Wonderful Kani Shawl With Multicolour Jaal Is Priceless by Kashmirvilla ₹15614

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