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Pashmina Stoles

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Pashmina Stoles

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The term ‘stole’ is derived from the ancient Roman word ‘stola,’ which is the female version of men’s Toga. A stole is a type of women’s shawl which can be worn around the shoulders over the party dress or ball gown. It is smaller in size or narrower than a typical shawl and made up of expensive fabric such as chiffon, fur, pashmina, pure silk, etc. to accent a dress. Sometimes heavier materials such as fur and brocade are often lined around the stoles. It is having greater length than width and serves only fashionable purpose. Stole is also used to refer to a decorative, wide sash that is draped over the shoulders as in a liturgical or graduation day stole.

Stoles are very much popular in today’s society because of the influence of bollywood where this piece is used in the parties. Stoles in original fabric are too much expensive but now cheaper variants of stoles that are being developed and marketed by stole companies that are made of cotton, silk or a mixed blend. A stole is also referred to a sash that is used by graduating classes or ministers that are worn around the neck and dangles on both sides of the shoulder.

Sometimes it is believed that stoles and scarves are the synonyms of each other. But in actual sense both of these are different. The major difference between them is in usage and size. Stoles are lighter and are used for only fashionable purposes. On the other hand, scarves are smaller than stoles and are used for a variety of purposes such as accenting a dress, keeping warm or even religious ones.

Buy Pashmina Stoles Onlineat Best Price in India

Pashmina stoles are developed from the pashmina fabric which is one of the popularity icons of Kashmir. Pashmina is a fiber precisely cashmere wool which is soft in nature, having negligible weight and provide too much warmth. Its products are hand-woven as it is so fine that it cannot be spun by machines. Pashmina stoles are assumed as top quality stoles which offer luxury and royal feel. These stoles are very expensive therefore mixed pashmina with wool is now available in the market.

Pashmina stoles for girls are an incredible accessory that provides distinctive style to any wardrobe. They are classic winter fashion accessory for women that add a royal touch to your fashion attire. Go4Ethnic offers a handpicked and handmade collection of stoles in a wide variety of designs, patterns and colors which creates a beautiful rainbow of winter online shopping in your wardrobe. Compliment yourself this season with our exclusive collection of stoles.

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A stole is a type of shawl used by women usually made of soft fabric to wrap around the shoulders over a ball gown or party dress. It is a stylish wrap intended to fit snugly around the body. It is made of high end fabrics like Pashmina wool and meant to be worn for special occasions.

Winter stoles are generally used to protect the body in the chilly winters by wrapping it around the head or upper part of the body. Go4Ethnic offers a vast collection of stoles which include pure wool stoles, wool blend, viscose stoles and Pashmina stoles. These stoles may be plain or with embroidery which is sometimes handmade and thus regional specific. Our collection of stoles includes designer embroidered stoles, fashion stoles, silk stoles, pashmina stoles,Jamawar stoles, Kashmiri stoles, computerized embroidered stoles, wool blend stoles and designer stoles.

Stoles and shawls are sometimes considered as synonyms but both are different from each other. Stoles, generally means a formal wrap- a basic shawl made of an elegant fabric. Stoles are not as wide as a shawl, but are long enough to wrap around the body. It is usually rectangular and range between 2-4 feet wide and 5-6 feet long. They are made of lighter material than shawls.The religious stole is no wider than 6 inches, but can be 8 feet long. They can be colored or decorated for special occasions. The academic stole is used in graduation ceremonies to indicate academic achievement.

Go4ethnic offers a special segment of stoles for women, where you get the most fascinating and stylish stoles you can ever look for. You get a perfect opportunity to elevate your style quotient with our enticing line of stoles for women. Weprovide you 100% satisfaction with our collection of winter stoles. They are of the highest quality, and we intend to build an enduring relationship with you. Our winter collection for women includes coats, jackets, shawls, kurtis, salwar suits, sarees, kaftans, ponchos and stoles.

Go4Ethnic Collection

Stoles help put forth a sophisticated look. They elevate your style statement with least effort. Stoles have always been in trend, and stylish women always crave to add them to their wardrobe. Give yourself a classy look and flaunt a fashionable look with stoles from our collection. Go4Ethnic brings you the most cherished designs, carefully picked for our fashion lovers. Considering the fashion quotient that women love, our collections take care of style, trend and comfort aspects as well. Especially, the Pashmina fabric stoles collections have become the most biddable recommendation for women who love being classy and elegant at the same time.

Stoles at Go4Ethnic are available in a wide range of designs and colors. Bright and vibrant stoles can be paired with any type of clothing. In the cold chilly winter months, a stoles wrapped around your neck not only keeps you warm and cosy but also take your style statement a few notches higher. Simply by hanging them around your neck, these scarves can add some drama and texture to any boring outfit. Go for pashmina stoles in quirky shades of your favorite colors. The latest array of ladies stoles in many alluring patterns adds glitter to the personality.

Go4Ethnic brings the ultra-stylish stoles for women. Winter Stoles is made up of a pashmina material, and you can rely on them for the whole winter season. It is a perfect blend of utility and functionality. Go4Ethnic offers an extensive range of women’s Kashmiri products to spice up their winter wardrobe. Apart from stoles, you may also like to explore other sections like Kashmiri Kurtis,Kashmiri Jackets, Kashmiri Shawls, Kashmiri Salwar Suits, Kashmiri Sarees, Kashmiri Kurtis, Kashmiri Ponchos, Kashmiri Kaftans, and Kashmiri Pherans. Wear these and become a trendsetter in your town, for they will set your style statement and make you look classy.

Now add glamour to your attire with our startling deals discounts and offers, weensure users a great shopping experience.

Pashmina Stoles PRICE LIST

Pashmina Stoles Price
Pastel Color Aari Work Embroidered Stole Enriched With Running Jaal Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹3314
Superior Kashmiri Multi Colored Aari Work Embroidered Stole Enriched With All Over Jaal Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹3314
Superior Kashmiri Aari Work Embroidered Stole Enriched With All Over Jaal Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹3314
Superior Green Kashmiri Aari Work Embroidered StoleEnriched With All Over Jaal Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹3314
Red Color Kashmiri Kani Embroidered Stoles Exceptionally Different Designer Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹5199
White Color Kashmiri Work Embroidered Border Stole Enriched With Multi color Embriodery By KashmirVilla ₹3909
Pink Color Kashmiri Aari Work Embroidered Stole Enriched With Border Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹3909
Black Color Aari Work Embroidered Stole Enriched With Flower Border Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹3909
Magical Maroon Color Aari Work Embroidered Stole Enriched With Four Sided Running Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹3909
Ravishing Red Color Kashmiri Aari Work Embroidered Stoles Exceptionally Different Designer Pattern By KashmirVilla ₹5399

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