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Buy Women Shawls Online In India at Best Price

The term shawls” is derived from the Persian word “shal” which means an item of clothing which is worm loosely over the shoulders, arms, upper body and sometimes over the head. They are mainly square and rectangular in shape. Even shawls in triangular and oblong shape are also available now days.

Shawls are the most accepted winter wear accessory for both men and women from a long time. They provide a touch of elegance to your overall personality with their free falling and soft folds. It can be worn around the neck as a cool accessory, over a shoulder as a winter drape, as a dupatta or fully around the upper part of the body to keep you warm. In any form it always provides a very stylish look and adds something extra to your look and personality. Currently many new, funny and innovative ways are used by the fashion lovers to wear shawls, each having a different impact on your appearance.

Shawls are the favorite article of clothing in winters whether you want to make heads turn or to add a pop of brightness to your look. Protect yourself in the harshy climate with the cozy warmth of a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-knitted shawl. Browse from our vast collection of luxurious Pashmina shawls, woolen shawls and shahtoosh shawls with options of plain, printed and embroidered shawls in magnificent colours.

Shop Different Types of Shawls Online

Kashmiri Shawls Online

Kashmir shawl, also spelled Cashmere shawl, is a type of woollen shawl woven in Kashmir. The shawl, or shoulder mantle, serves as a protective warm garment against the biting cold. Kashmiri shawls are available three different types of fabric, Pashmina, Wool and Shahtoosh. The prices of thsese three are altogether different. Woollen shawls are being within the reach of most modest budget while shahtoosh and pashmina are being one in a lifetime purchase.

On the kashmiri shawls the most exquisite embroidery is executed. The shawls of Kashmir are famous for their embroidery and tempting designs, which reflects the hard workmanship of artisans and richness of the culture and their natural environment. In Kashmir the local word used for embroidery is ‘Kashida’. It is known for their skilled execution. Colorful embroidery is found on all kinds of apparel and fabric in kashmiri products. When the embroidery covers the entire surface of shawls then it earns the name of jamawar. These jamawar shawls has a three times higher value then the normal shawls because of the heavy embroidery done on it.

Pashmina Shawls Online

Pashmina refers to a type of cashmere fine wool. The name Pashmina originate from the Persian word “Pashm” meaning a weavable fiber precisely wool. Iranians gave the fabric its name, ‘Pashmina’, these Iranians came to Kashmir via the Ladakh route. This wool is extracted from ladakh or changthangi or pashmina special goat “Capra hircus”, a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitude of 12000 to 14000 ft of the Himalayas in Pakistan, Nepal and Northern India. Pure Pashmina is expensive as compared to mixed Pashmina with wool is less expensive. Pashmina is an icon of luxury and elegance. When it comes to the winter outfits Pashmina is the love and desire of every women all around the world. “To wear Pashmina” is the synonym of “to feel the royalty”. The worth and excellence that a Pashmina Shawl beholds can only be explained by the person who feels it at least once. The softness and warmth of these shawls is simply incomparable. These are the most famous Kashmiri art which is exported all over the world.

WoollenShawls Online

These are the shawls which are developed from the wool fabric.

Raffal Shawls Online

They are basically woolen shawls but this wool is exclusively woven in the Kashmir. This wool is 100% pure wool. Raffal is spun out of marino wool tops and is a popular type of shawl.

Shahtoosh Shawls Online

Shah Tush is a king of wool and famous for its lightness, softness and warmth; passes through a ring and is also known as Ring shawl. This wool is extracted from a rare Tibetan antelope living in the wilds of the Himalayas in the plateau of Tibet and eastern part of Ladakh at a height of over 14000 ft. These shawls are warm, extremely light and soft. They are very expensive because of the scarcity of raw material. They may be pure or sometimes mixed with pashmina. They are rarely dyed and have little embroidery on them.

Semi Pashmina Shawls Online

Semi-pashmina shawls and stoles are weaved by a variety of blends of Kashmiri wool with pashmina, and silk with pashmina.

Do-Shalla Shawls or Do-rukhaShawls Online

The word ‘dourukha’ means ‘two-faced’ in Persian. In these shawls motif appears on both sides of the shawl with each side having a different color. The Emperor Akbar was a great admirer of the shawls of Kashmir. He began the fashion of Do-Shalla shawls which are sewn back to back so that the under surfaces of the shawls were never seen. These shawls can be wornfrom both the sides i.e. in duplicate pattern. During that time shawls are worked with gold and silver thread.

Namda and Gubba Online

Gubba is a blanket dyed in plain color. Embroidery done on them is bold, vivid in designing and done with cotton or woolen threads. They are generally folk flavor blankets which are patched into geometric patterns and are having limited embroidery on joining and open space. Their colors are bright and attractive. They are cheap and used for dewan covering or as floor covering. When they are used for floor covering then they are known as namdas.

Spice Up Your Winter Look with Shawls Online Shopping

Winters would be incomplete without a perfect and trendy woolen garment and that’s the reason stylish women have shawls as their favorite winter clothing accessory. They not only help in layering but also keep you warm and stylish. Shawls are also great for layering purpose. If you want to have a polished look just wrap a shawl over your cardigan and look extremely stylish. Explore a widerange of shawls online at Go4Ethnic and update your winter wardrobe. Offering an irresistible charm, shawls for women are timeless pieces. Hence, if you don’t want to go for the latest wardrobe year after year, buy shawls online and fill your wardrobe with unique, elegant and stylish shawls. They not only look great with ethnic attires such as saree and salwar kameez but can also be teamed with western outfits. Shawls can be found in a range of colors, pattern and style. If you want to have a modern look, go for animal print, floral print, embellishments and embroidery etc. Pashmina shawls for women are a must if you stay in colder region. Made from wool they offer extra warmth and keep you comfortable and protected throughout the winter season. Buy Shawls online and never compromise on style.

Go4Ethnic Collection

Weather is becoming cooler which means that it is the perfect time to flaunt your woolen garments. Shawls are great accessories to step up your look instantly especially in the winter season when dressing up becomes a real struggle. Whether you want to style your ethnic look or add a touch of glam to your western outfits, shawls for women are what you need to take your look to the next level. Visit Go4Ethnic, explore it and browse through our collection of stylish and embroidered shawls women’s shawls to find the perfect option for bringing oomph to your wardrobe.Shop shawls online among a range of elegant options.

Buy winter wear online and update your winter wardrobe with stylish shawls and don’t look frumpy and outdated. You can always find unique styles online which are not easily available in the market. Shawls are very versatile and can be worn with almost anything whether you wear it with jeans, tights or dress etc. Buy fashionable women shawls online and stay chic, cute and stylish and beat the winter blues. Pashmina shawls are classic pieces and a must to beat the cold. Layer your ethnic wears or western wears underneath a well and uniquely embroidered shawls and stay warm and protected. Browse innumerable fashionable options, add a bit of an edge to your winter look with various layering essentials and look hot and sexy even in the winter with shawls online shopping at Go4Ethnic.

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Shawls Price
Rich Brown Color Base With Beautiful Fluorescent Colour Using In Embroidery Makes A Unique Pattern by Kashmirvilla ₹7067
Maroon Colour Shawl With Kashmiri Aari Embroidery Looks Ravishing On The Wearer by Kashmirvilla ₹7564
White Colour Shawl With Having Rich Kashmiri Embroidery Using Multicolour Threads Looks Amazing by Kashmirvilla ₹11199
Very Attractive Bright Maroon Colour Shawl With Aari Jaal Gives A Trendy Look To The Wearer by Kashmirvilla ₹7054
Very Attractive Bright Orange Colour Shawl With Aari Jaal Gives A Trendy Look To The Wearer by Kashmirvilla ₹7119
Green Colour Shawl With Having Rich Kashmiri Embroidery Using Multicolour Threads Looks Amazing by Kashmirvilla ₹7084
Beige Colour Shawl With Kashmiri Aari Embroidery Looks Ravishing On The Wearer by Kashmirvilla ₹8799
Royal Blue Color Base With Beautiful Chinar Using In Embroidery Makes A Unique Pattern by Kashmirvilla ₹7527
Blue Color Base With Dense Kashmiri All Over Jaal Are Prominent For Gracing Any Occasion by Kashmirvilla ₹7679
Red Color Shawl Having Beautiful Border And Attractive Jaal Is A Collection Of Unique Design by Kashmirvilla ₹7839

Data last updated on 18-04-2021